Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Making Money Online, From Your Home, In The Comfort Of Your Bed, Is It Possible For Beginners ?

Making money online, from your home, on your bed, is it possible? The answer is yes for you out there who is in doubt, whether it’s true or not. The internet has grown vast into a place where people not only can share information, write what they enjoy to do, or meet new people, it has grown into a big goldmine if you have the right knowledge and resources to do it. There’s always a new possibility every day, a new chance, a new hope in making money online right of the net. If you’re not good making money outside the internet, then maybe the internet is for you to make money, and the best part is some of the chances of you making money online has no start up cost isn’t that great? And some of them you only just need to purchase a domain name or a web just to get you started which only cost you only around maybe $4 – $10 per month, Cheap right? So what I want to talk about here is how a new guy likes you who are reading this article (I know you’re new in this topic because the title is “ways to make money online for beginners”) can make money out of the internet.

Maybe you’re just like me, a teenager who doesn’t get enough money from his parents, who wanted to enjoy your teen life just a little bit more, but doesn't have enough resources or money to do so, and you decided to make money by yourself using the only source that you have, the internet. If you’re this person then you’re reading the right page my friend. Here are the suggestions for you to start making your money online:

1. Offer Something New, Something Fresh, or Something That Has Been Offer in the Past with the Sole Purpose of Other Business People Will Need

There are so many people out there making money online by providing services that usually all other business people constantly need, for example article writing services, web hosting, SEO web designer and many more. These services we can get all over the place on the net, you maybe think that this type of services that you want to offer is not for you right? But think about this, there are 10 million internet users out there, and this number is increasing at a very fast rate each day, and because of this the market prospect will continuously growing very fast. So making money online with these types of services is highly effective.
You can also start from nothing, how? There’s a lot of company out there let you help them to promote their product. And if their product started to sells because of you, you will get a commission based on how many sales they have done, this is called affiliate marketing. If you have web page or a blog, you can help them by advertising their product in your web page. Your main job is just only to help them to promote their product.

2. Improve what you already own, by using the internet

If you already have a business registered under your name outside the internet, you can help improve it by using the internet as a source of your advertising campaign, remember the internet has 10 million people using it, so this is a great place to start your campaign, out of 10 million there’s a possibility that 1000, 2000, or 3000 people are interested in what you’re trying to offer. I have a friend who is only 21 years old, has a talent in creating unique and beautiful clothes, at first she finds it hard to find customer to see and buy her clothes, then she uses a blog on the internet as a platform to advertise her business, and it worked so well, right now she’s making around $400 to $800 a month.

3. Make your money through online public auctions

I’m sure many of you don’t have any time to create, manage a website. If that’s the case why don’t you try online public auctions? The craziest thing about the internet is, you can just sell anything, from great items to junk items, and how can you do this? Simple, there’s so many online public auction platform out there on the net, for example, and many more. Some people maybe ask you to choose market that has a strong market demand. Well I think that is not completely true, if you want to make big money out of these public auctions then yes, you need to find a market that has strong market demand, but for beginners, try just selling only your junk or unwanted stuff, who knows maybe there’s people out there willing to pay you more than the cost of when you first bought your unwanted stuff. Remember again! There are 10 million people who uses the net, you got to be joking me if there’s nobody out of 10 million people doesn’t want your stuff. I also like to remind myself everyday with this phrase “an old man junk, is another man treasure”

4. Create a “niche”

So many of people nowadays create a site, just to show what they love doing the most to the people on the internet. A “niche” can be everything you want it to be, for example if you like games, you can create a niche about games by calling it, games review centre or anything that you like, if you’re into antique stuff, you can create online antique items society. It can be so many things, pick something that you like, you enjoy doing, and you know a lot about that thing and find a way to build a small online “niche” business around that thing.

5. Provide your services to the online marketing industries

If you’re a unique person, you know how to get people to listen to you, you are a very confident man or woman, then online marketing industries is the right fit for you to make your money online. There’s a huge making money opportunity here for you. There’s so many online marketing company out there constantly trying to find great ways to promote their websites. You can make money by helping them improve their rate of return. Online marketing industries these days involve Search Engine Optimization, PPC campaign, keyword researching and many more. You can concentrate yourself into one of these areas, or you can just offer all online marketing technique that you posses.

These are the ways that I have listed on how to make money online for beginners, you may succeed and you may not, but it’s worth to try. Who knows maybe there’s something in there that can make you a huge earning? Don’t just stop here go and start making your money online today! Remember 10 million people using the internet and counting, there’s always a chance for any of us to succeed.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

You Joined Google Adsense, But All You Can See Is Zero Earning ? You Want To Know Why ?

So you joined Google Adsense, and was hoping that you can make money out of it. But then some things happen, after a few months you have setup your web, you don't see any earning in your Google Adsense account. Does this happen to you ? im sure for an experience publishers, this is not common, but for new publishers i can guarantee almost 90% of them failed to generate income from Google Adsense, am i right ?

So here's 4 common mistake that i found out made by new publishers who wanted to make money online using Google Adsense and failed.

You Want The Money Badly or Fast
  • Ive done a lot of question to do some research, why publishers joined Google Adsense, and so many of them answers they want to make big bucks out of Google Adsense, and even some of them answers i want to make quick cash out of Google Adsense. If you have a mindset like this, i suggest you change your mindset, why ? this is because when you want the money fast, you tend to forgot all of the important part in making money online, such as search engine optimization, web optimization, creating a unique and informative content and many more. You cannot expect that you create a web, post some content, put up a few adsense ads and voila the next day you will start earning, NO! it does not work like that. It takes times to really start making money out of your web. It took me about 2 months, to started see my earning increase after created a web. Don't always think the profit that you want to make using adsense, first you need to think and ask yourself, how am i going to provide something useful for the community. Provide unique content, provide informative content, help others find what they want, what they've been searching for. When you start thinking like this, trust me in 2 or 3 month your web will start to earn money online, and watch it grow as your web getting older.

You're Still Not Doing Enough

  • Some people like me, when i first started using Google Ad Sense to generate income, I jump into things too fast. I ended up earning $0 profit when i first started to join Google Ad Sense. I want to make money so badly i ended up rushed into things, i didn't do any research about internet marketing, about Google Ad Sense, how does it works, how the search engine works and many more. So my tips for you is, continuously reading, researching about it before you start to build a site and monetize it using Google Ad Sense. Believe me without reading, or researching, i can guarantee you will fail 100%

Selected The Wrong Keyword
  • Some of you may have started to earn from Google Ad Sense, but the problem is your earning is very small, or your keyword doesn't bring in enough traffic, am i right ? and this will probably think that you have failed. On my other hubpages, i have posted about on how to choose a keyword that has a value and how much is their traffic monthly. Please choose a keyword that has a value of more than $0.50 and has monthly searched of 3000 and above. if you want to make really nice earning out of Google Ad Sense. I usually select a keyword that has a value ranging from $1.50 to $4.50, and made a decent income out of it every month.

You Gave Up Too Easy
  • This is very common among publishers who uses Google Ad Sense to generate their earning. When they see their web doesn't bring in the cash for them, they tend to gave up too easy. My advice for you is please DON'T GIVE UP, always try and try again, trial and error is very important. What do you do if something knocks you down ? you get up and try again! ive had a hundreds of failure last year, only this year i started to get things right, and started to earn money from adsense, this is because i do not give up too easy.

So that is all for know, hopefully my post here, can help to motivate you in making money online through google adsense. Stay tune for my next post.


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