Friday, July 31, 2009

Its payday my friend, and i am very happy!

Its been a while since i wrote a new post about making money online, this is because i was busy optimizing my other blog which turns out to be a profit for me. By profit i mean, last week i just cash out my other blog earning which is USD 135.48 cents. Although this is maybe a small amount for some of you, but to me in one month i make money online which yield USD 135.48 through Google Adsense its pretty fast and great right ?, and to top it off, i lived in Malaysia, so the exchange rate here during i cash out my Adsense earning is about $3.49 for RM1.00, so after calculated with the exchange rate, i cash out roughly around RM472! pretty sweet right ? you got to love the exchange rate of developing nation against a developed nation man. Here's the screenshot of my last month earning.

The black area is where i cannot show my page information, i can only show you my exact earning, because if i showed my page information i will get banned because this is against the google terms and conditions.


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