Friday, June 26, 2009

How to Make Money Through Online Surveys.

It amazes me, that there is so many way's you can make money through online, all you need is of course an internet connection, and a lot of question on how to make money online, because if you don't ask a question you will never found out how to make money off the net, me myself i ask so many things to my friend that doesn't depend on their parents for their pocket money, that so many questions have led me to very nice profitable online money making opportunity for the past few months. For the last 3 months, i found out that not only you can make money online through joining an advertising program, you can also make money through answering surveys! - yes you really can make money through surveys.

To me, this is just another way of advertising a certain web or a product to a viewer/reader/user like us. A company that want to promote their product will go to this survey company, as a platform to reach user's like us by answering surveys of what you think of the company's product or website. The company will allocate a certain of funds to the survey company to show us their web, and the survey company will pay us by how many survey's that we have taken. Not only we do our survey, but we also get to see what the company that uses this survey companies platform can offer us, see i told you its the same as advertising, but in a very different way.

Last few months, i joined a survey company called A.W Surveys, they will pay you a $6.00 for answering a welcome survey, and $4.00 dollar every time you completed a survey - nice huh ?. They will pay you through paypal once you have reached minimum earning
which is $75.00, or maximum earning of $550.00, and the best part is you can register it FOR FREE!!. But the downside is, you will be given only 6 survey's per month, so every month you can make a maximum amount of $24.00 bucks. But who cares, i got paid each time i answer a survey online!, its super easy!

However please be careful, there is so many fake survey company out there on the net, that doesn't pay. I can only vouch for aw surveys because it has proven that they will pay you once you have reach the minimum payout threshold. So my advice is play safe and go for aw surveys if you want to make money online by answering surveys, after all aw survey is the biggest survey company in the U.S.

So if you guys interested in making money online through doing a survey which is super easy, you can click the name A.W Surveys that i have put on the 3rd paragraph or, you can just click the link that i provide on the right hand side of my blog. Another tips making money online by me :)


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