Friday, June 26, 2009

I Forgot The Most Important Part, My Introduction.

The name is Ferhan Johar, you can call me pian, pean anything that you like, but my close friend call me pian. Studying in Multimedia University Malacca doing my final year degree in International Economics.

Started blogging about 1 year ago, but never do any heavy blogging, by heavy blogging i mean making money through my blog. Before this i never knew that i can make money through my blog, so that is one of the reason that discouraged me to continue posts something new on my old blog, and my old blog is about my life. I feel like why do i need to tell other people about my life ? there's nothing interesting about my life, or anything that i think that could amaze other people, that can influence people. That's the reason why i stop blogging before i knew the importance of blogging and through blog you can make money haha. Don't be like me, i don't get the big picture of blogging before this, if your'e the same like me before this, i encourage you to continue what your'e doing, don't stop, and maybe in some way, maybe your writing could effect people in so many ways.

So what's the reason i started to blog and monetize my blog ? well this year its been hard for me and my family, for the last 5 months, my family has been spending a lot of money. On February, my University holiday were finished, and i want to go back to Malacca to continue my studies, that's when the bad part started, i was driving my pop's mini cooper, and suddenly the engine breakdown, the engine block was blown. My pop's have to spend a fortune to repair that car, than our life became completely miserable, so many problems that related to the use of money just keep on coming piling up our life. That's when i started to think, until when must i depend on my parents for my source of income ?. I started to join so many things that can lead to a profitable income, i joined Multi Level Marketing, i try to sell football jersey, it worked but only for a few bucks of profit.

I have lost hope, then one of my oldest friend showed up, he tells me how he make money from his blog, from his ideas, he make a steady stream of income ranging from 100 to 500 USD, and as he posts more, his income growing more rapidly, he showed me how to make money through the internet and mainly from google adsense bit by bit, and now i have been making a steady stream on income from adsense on my other blog ranging from 10 - 20 dollar per day.

What i'm offering you is, i cannot help you 100% on becoming successful with google adsense, but what i can do is to give you tips, to help you to increase your knowledge, to help simplify things, so that you can make money through online the easy way. You don't need to purchase any ebook on the net just to be good at advertising, here i will break down piece by piece to help you to see more clearly on how to make money steadily through the net the easy way.

So that's it for my introduction, sorry for my bad english but hopefully you all can understand, what i am trying to tell you guys. Thank you for reading :)


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