Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Making Money Through YOUR Blog

So many people nowadays have been making money through their blog, even my friend he earn around 500 to 1000 USD per month by using his blog(i will post his earning screen shot later on). The question is how ? easy, by advertising, there's so many advertisement network out there that can help you, this is your source for making money through your blog or through your domain. Here i will list out the name of companies (the most popular)that can help you generate money through your blog by advertising. Here's the list

Most of these companies doing a system called PPC or pay per click(your source for revenue).Although there's so many more companies that can provide you income through your blog, i only listed these down, it is because i feel that these are the most popular network. Feel free to check it out. After this i will show some tips and tricks on how to earn using these networks.


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